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    Here is a little bit of my background. I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business & Economics with a concentration in Marketing. I also diversified my studies with a double minor in Spanish and Politics & Government. I enjoy using digital and traditional tools to craft a captivating and succinct story. Distinguished by creative solution formation, strong verbal and written communication skills and a comprehensive and analytical thought process. I have two unique advantages to offer your company. The first of the two are the tangible skills needed to be successful, such as:

    •  Two years of experience with sales and building profitable customer relationships
    •  Experience finding a unique narrative and crafting content for clients
    •  Experience managing a budget of $200k and a paid staff of 25

    The second and possibly the most valuable, of the unique advantages are the intangibles:

    •  An passionate interest in the marketing, digital and start-up industries
    •  Constantly learning and teaching myself new information and skills
    •  A personality intended for this kind of opportunity


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